5 Things Only Home Sellers Understand

Dated: 10/07/2019

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Whether this will be your first time selling a home or your tenth, the home selling process can be a challenge. You want to sell quickly and for the most money, so you will be doing absolutely everything you can to spruce up your Port St Lucie home and make it as inviting as possible. 


But not every experience during the home sale is a struggle. Here are the moments home sellers know too well.


1. The nostalgia you feel while packing

You are in the process of selling your home and moving to your new one. It feels as if you’re riding a steep emotional roller coaster. Relax. That’s only natural and most home sellers will go through that considering how overwhelming, challenging, exciting, and scary selling your home can be all at the same time. 



While you're going through closets and pulling your personal photos off the walls, you may experience some nostalgia. You can vividly remember the day you bought the house. You remember all the guests that have visited. You even remember the stains that you've spent time scrubbing out of the carpet.


“Home is where the heart is”, goes the saying. Selling your beloved home can feel like years of memories and a neighborhood of friendships disappearing. You have made memories in this home. But don't forget about all of the new memories you will make in your new home. Whether you're relocating, upsizing, or downsizing, you will have the opportunity to start fresh. Focus on the future. Chances are, you’re moving on to bigger and better things. Start visualizing yourself in your new home.


Since the home selling process itself can be an unpredictable and emotional rollercoaster, you need to keep your emotions in check to avoid sabotaging the home sale. 


Here are some tips to help you manage your emotions. 


  • Think of your home as a product that you have to sell. While it may be full of sentimentality and memories for you, a potential buyer will look at it quite differently. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and take a look at your home from an objective point of view. 


  • Avoid personalizing the staging of your home. Populating your home’s decor with personal items and photos will not help sell your home faster. Buyers need to envision themselves living in the home, and it’s difficult to do that when all they see is your family in the home. If you want better success in selling your home, stage it using neutral decor and decorations.


  • Lean on your family and friends for support. Just like when you’re going through a tough time, your loved ones can offer you support through the selling process. Your friends can offer a listening ear or offer some advice to help keep things in perspective. 


2. Having to rush out the door for showings

Selling your home means opening your doors to strangers at inconvenient times. One of the hardest parts about selling your home is being prepared to leave at any time for showings: during dinner, early in the morning, on weekends. Sometimes, you have just 5 minutes to drop what you're doing and dart out the door. But when you hear that the buyer has made an offer, you know that all of your scramblings was worth it.


If you’re preparing for a showing, then you likely already know all about the importance of deep cleaning and decluttering. Aside from that, what else can you do to make sure your home showing runs smoothly?


  • Make sure your home smells lovely. When people walk into your Port Lucie FL home for sale, you want it to smell fresh and clean, but not too overpowering as the scent is a strong sense. Make sure to open the windows the day before the showing to air out any odors and add subtle fragrance in key areas. 


  • Go the extra mile with your home’s exterior appearance. Keep the driveway clean and passable. Plant some seasonal flowers to add some color near your entry. A few well-placed planters go a long way toward welcoming buyers right up to your front door.


  • Keep storage spaces tidy. Today’s home buyers are looking for properties that offer plenty of storage. So you can expect that they’re going to be opening your closets, pantry, .and garage doors. Make sure everything looks tidy and not overfilled.


  • Hide cords out of sight. Although we are techy people and we all have dozens of devices each with their own charging cords, nobody likes the sigh of cords especially if they are hanging all over your place. There are many cord management solutions that will help resolve your wire woes. 


  • Take out the trash. Before showing your home to potential buyers, make sure you empty every trash can in your home. If you don’t, your stinky trash can overpower all other pleasant scents. Remember that you want to send a positive image about every aspect of your home.

Although keeping your home in excellent condition can be inconvenient and exhausting day after day, remember that your effort will be rewarded in selling your home as quickly as possible!


3. The home buyer who nitpicks everything

It takes time to clean and declutter the home that you've lived in for a while. You remember the dust and dirt you found when you first moved furniture and packed up your closets. You even remember the hours it took to paint your rooms a neutral color. Your home looks brand new and ready for showings, so you can't help but roll your eyes over the buyer who complains about that one thumbtack hole or the Windex streaks on the window.



No matter how much effort you put into preparing your home for showings, you can expect that not every comment your agent receives about your home from visitors will be positive. Just don’t take these negative comments personally as you will only become distracted, or worse, it may cause you to reject a decent offer. Remember, the comments made by potential buyers are about the home and not about you.


What you can do is to take an objective look at the comments. Then make the necessary changes to turn things around. Take note, make adjustments, and forge forward. Always keep a calm head to avoid unnecessary stress. 


4. The awkwardness of living in a partially empty home


Everything echoes. It's impeccably clean. Even the dust bunnies have moved on. With the pictures off the walls, the furniture put in storage, and the walls painted a neutral color, your home looks less like your own and more like a model.



As the top real estate agent in Port St Lucie FL, I always advise my clients to put some of their personal items in storage. This will help professionally stage the home. It might feel a bit strange living in the home the doesn’t look and feel the same. However, the important thing to remember is this only temporary, and it can make the home sell faster. 


Living in a partially empty home is far better than trying to sell an empty house. Here are some reasons:


  • Your home will actually show better when it is occupied. Buyers don’t have to guess whether a piece of furniture will fit into a room or if there is enough space in the dining room for a table. They will not have a hard time identifying the purpose of each area in the home because it is presently being used for the purpose. 


  • If furnishings are still in place, an unoccupied home can become a prime target for break-ins. If your home is occupied, thieves are less likely to break in.


  • It’s also safer when a home for sale is occupied because the homeowner will be present to deal with emergencies. One example is when pipes suddenly freeze and then burst during winter months. If the seller is in the house, the situation can be easily resolved and will no longer lead to further damage.


  • Whether the home is vacant or occupied, the seller still need to leave the home utilities turned on. By living in the home while it is shown for sale, a seller does not have to pay duplicate utility bills.


5. Feeling bittersweet about leaving your home

After all the home sale preparation, last-minute showings, and negotiations, it's time to say goodbye to your old home and hello to the new one. Yes, there may be things that you will miss about your old home. But there will be also things you can't wait to have in your new home.



It’s ok to feel sad. After all, your home is much more than bricks and mortar; it’s your personal haven, a place to raise children and connect with loved ones. While saying goodbye may not be easy, there are strategies that can give you the closure you need before you move. 


  • Go room by room and talk about your favorite memories in that space. Then say goodbye to the room and move on the next. 


  • If you want something that will remind you of your home, you may consider commissioning a painting of it. Put it in your new home to help remember the special time you’ve spent in that place. 


  • You can also collect photos of your home and the memories you have shared there and create a scrapbook. This is a good activity to do with kids. 


  • Have a house cooling party. We’re all familiar with a housewarming party, but house cooling parties are also gaining popularity nowadays. As the name suggests, this party takes place before the move. It is a great way to say goodbye to your old home. Invite your friends and loved ones. During the party, you can all share your favorite memories you’ve made in the home. To end the party, you could make a toast to your old house and wish its new owners all the joy you’ve enjoyed there.


Your Home Sale Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

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