What You Need to Know About Low-Maintenance Communities

Dated: 11/09/2019

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Picture this: It’s winter. It’s freezing. You still need to clear the last of the leaves from your lawn, but you’re finding every excuse to stay huddled inside your warm home and out of the cold, biting air. More than ever, you wish your yard work would just do itself.

Jensen Beach home

Sound familiar? Maintenance and lawn care can be tedious and exhausting chores, especially on the coldest or hottest days of the year. But there are types of residential developments in Jensen Beach that take care of these chores for you.

The Many Faces of Low-Maintenance Living

Low-maintenance communities, in general, are neighborhoods that provide services such as lawn care and exterior maintenance through an association fee. In a maintenance-free community, especially, little — if any — maintenance is required on the homeowner’s part.

As is the case with any neighborhood, different communities offer different amenities, especially when it comes to low- or no-maintenance living. So to give you a better idea about what to look for in a low-maintenance home, we’ve come up with a quick guide.

Low-Maintenance Townhome Developments


If you want all the space of a single-family home but don’t mind sharing a wall, a townhouse is an excellent option for low-maintenance living. Though the amenities many vary from community to community, townhome developments typically provide common area maintenance and landscaping.

Here are the seven advantages of living in a townhouse: 

1. A no-hassle yard - If you dislike mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, and doing any other lawn or yard maintenance, but like the idea of a beautiful yard, townhome living is an ideal option. 

Granted, space is not that big, but the more important thing is you are not responsible for its upkeep, which leaves you with more time to do the things you want to do. 

Most townhome HOA's take care of cleaning, landscaping, and other external issues, something you don't usually get when you own a single-family house. 

2. Location - Most townhomes are located in areas where you get to enjoy some peace and serenity but within easy walking or driving distance to businesses, parks, schools, and other amenities. 


Do you find yourself in need of a haircut, a new dress, or a latte from Starbucks? You don't have to go far to enjoy these things. Living in a townhome means having easy access to whatever you need. 

3. Great amenities - Have you ever wanted to go to the gym, but there are no gyms near you? This is not a problem when you live in a townhome. 

Townhomes offer you access to amenities like state-of-the-art fitness center, a tennis court, and a pool, without having to leave your neighborhood. 

Some even offer services like pest control, HVAC inspection, trash service, and car washing stations. 

4. A sense of community - Living in a townhome community means having sharing common areas with other people, giving you plenty of opportunities to form friendships. It means its more comfortable to talk to people, find out things you have in common with them, and develop a sense of community. 

5. Only next-door neighbors - If you are a light sleeper and easily wake up to the sound of someone walking above you, living in a townhome could be better for you. Townhomes are built next to each other rather than on top of each other. This means no one is living above or below you. 

If you have children running around, you don't have to worry about someone knocking on your door to complain about the constant noise your downstairs neighbors hear whenever the little ones are running. 

6. Lower HOA fees - Most townhome communities have lower homeowner association fees because they share less space that needs to be maintained, compared to a condo. Also, because townhomes are not self-contained buildings with a single entranceway, there are no lobbies to maintain. 

7. Less expensive than a home - If you want to enjoy the benefits of homeownership without the high cost of maintenance that comes with it, owning a townhome is an excellent choice. Townhomes are also less expensive than single-family homes, which makes them an excellent investment.

If you’re looking for a townhome in Jensen Beach, Renar River Place, Holly Creek, and Ocean Bay Villas are some of the places you should look into. 

Low-Maintenance Condominiums


Think of condos as upgraded rental apartments: you have your own space, you can access community amenities, and you can count on someone else to take care of the most mundane chores.

It’s important to note that condos are a type of ownership: when you own a condo, you own everything within the walls of your home. Unlike with townhomes, you aren’t required to care for the exterior.

In addition, condo associations typically maintain common areas and provide services like trash removal and pest control. Depending on the association, the community may also provide utilities, phone service, and cable or Internet.

Here are several reasons you should consider condo living:

1. Lifestyle and Amenities

Condo living means having easy access to exceptional amenities, many of which you won't enjoy if you live in a single-family home.  Many condos have everything you need! 

condo pool

Many condos offer:

  • swimming pools
  • tennis courts
  • fitness facilities
  • business center with WiFi

Do you feel like going to the gym? Almost all condo communities have one. Do you want to enjoy the spa? Many condo communities also have jacuzzis or spa. Condos offer you a truly convenient lifestyle that you won’t ordinarily enjoy in a single-family home.

2. Convenience is the name of the game

One of the top reasons people choose to live in condos is because of the convenience it offers. Imagine not having to mow the lawn or cut the grass all year round! Say goodbye to tedious yard maintenance or worries about roof repair. Living in a condo means someone else will take care of these concerns for you. Your monthly condo fees cover these services. 

3. Location

Location is one of the top requirements when looking for a home. If you want a home that's just minutes from your workplace, is easily accessible by commute or transportation and is close to shopping, dining, and entertainment, the condo is a great choice. 

4. Security

Living in a condo means having 24-hour security. Condos have guards and CCTV cameras to ensure the safety and security of its residents. 24-hour security is also a crime deterrent. It comes handy because you don't have to step out of your front door when getting packages. Say goodbye to uninvited guests! No one can come to your door without permission (unless it's one of your neighbors in the condo). 

5. Privacy 

Condo living means sharing limited space with a lot of people. Though this can cause problems, many condo dwellers are actually quiet and respectful of other’s spaces. 

If you are a private person, you may find that living in a high rise condo offers the privacy you are looking for. 

6. Gorgeous views

Jensen Beach view

In Jensen Beach, many condo communities have a waterfront or beach view. Imagine waking up each morning, feeling the ocean breeze, and having a panoramic view of the vast turquoise waters just waiting for you. Every day can definitely feel like a vacation. 

7. Community ties

Like townhomes, condo dwellers share parts of the amenities and thus enjoy being a part of the community. It’s easy to strike up a conversation with someone you constantly see in the pool, in the gym, or in the park. 

Jensen Beach has plenty of condo communities to choose from. Check out some of the condos communities below:

  • 800 Place Condominium - is a condo community set north of Stuart's Roosevelt Bridge on Fork Road. Residents of this community enjoy the clubhouse with kitchen, game room, exercise equipment, tennis and shuffleboard courts, and community pool.

  • Beacon 21 is a low rise condo that has several buildings, one of which is for active adults. This community features pools, tennis courts, a clubhouse, and shuffleboard courts. 

  • Renar River Place is a community of townhomes and condos. 

  • Outrigger Harbor Condos is a gated community located on the Intracoastal Waterway. Its amenities include a heated pool/spa, deep water marina, and more. 

  • Claridge by the Sea condos is a new condo community. It offers stunning water views from every room, a pool, fitness center, and more. 

No-Maintenance Residential Communities

Jensen Beach home

Some communities, like 55+ communities, take care of more than just the common areas. True maintenance-free communities may also take care of your home’s exterior maintenance, lawn care, landscaping, and services like trash or snow removal.

Real estate options in these no-maintenance communities can include condos, townhomes, and/or single-family homes.

Why live in a no-maintenance community? Check out the reasons below:

1.  Enjoy life to the fullest

Most residents of no-maintenance communities, like 55+ communities, are active adults. These adults may or may not have retired from their jobs and are ready to engage in the next stage of their lives. 

55+ communities are designed to put an emphasis on its residents’ activity and fitness. Its residents have many activities to choose from so they can continue to live actively. Fitness centers and recreation centers have calendars full of activities designed to help the residents of the communities enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 

2.  A sense of community

Residents of no-maintenance communities also enjoy a great sense of community. This is one of the biggest pluses of living in a 55 plus community. Adults living in these communities get to know their neighbors well, develop friendships, and find that they have similar goals of creating lasting memories. 

Community staff workers also aid in strengthening the sense of community. They set up activities like group outings, bus trips, community dinners, and more. 

 3. The no-maintenance lifestyle

After years of taking care of weeds, fertilizing the lawn, cutting the grass, changing light bulbs, making exterior repairs to roofs, downspouts, and more, residents of no-maintenance communities are saying goodbye to these tasks! Maintenance-free living means someone else will take care of all the above-mentioned tasks for them, and more. 

4. Convenient Location

Like in any other kind of home, location is significant. Many no-maintenance residential communities, specifically 55+ communities and retirement homes, are located near conveniences like hospitals, medical offices, shopping malls, theaters, and restaurants. 

5. Safety and Security

Most active adult communities are gated to ensure that only approved residents and guests are admitted on site. Often, these communities have additional security for residents’ protection. 

Are you looking for a no-maintenance community in Jensen Beach? The following are just some of the 55+ communities in Jensen Beach. 

  • Cedar Pointe is a 55+ condo community that’s located only minutes away from pristine beaches, shops, and restaurants.

  • Pinelake Village is one of Florida's 55+ manufactured housing communities. It offers a clubhouse, swimming pool, spa, and shuffleboard courts. Its residents enjoy various planned activities like water aerobics, game night, boat rides, baseball games, and more.

  • Jensen Village is a new active adult community that plans to offer approximately 130 single-family homes. It is just minutes away from retail stores, a golf course, a botanical garden, and an aquatic reserve. 

Where to Do Your Research

If a community has an association, check the rules and regulations to learn about what services the association provides. Not sure where to look? It never hurts to ask a trusted real estate agent.

Want to Buy a Low-Maintenance Home? Let’s Talk

Do you have questions about low-maintenance homes in Jensen Beach? I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have. 

Call me, Melissa Conrad, at 772-240-2589. 

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