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Dated: 09/17/2019

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Spring is upon us, and with spring comes another anticipated time of year: home selling season. Traditionally, spring is one of the most popular times to list a home, so if you’re thinking of selling your Jensen Beach home, this is it!. It’s also an excellent season for spring cleaning and trying out a few home-improvement projects on the weekends.

If you’re thinking about selling your property or want to up its resale value down the road, take a look at our most recommended home improvement projects. Not only are these projects simple and affordable, they’re also sure to increase your home’s overall value.

Two key places to start your upgrades for your Jensen Beach property

Can you guess which two areas of a home are most important to buyers? The kitchen and bathrooms. This is because these are rooms where people tend to spend a lot of time.

The Kitchen 

DIY Upgrades That Make Your Jensen Beach Home Sell for More - Kitchen

Oftentimes, the kitchen is the first place potential buyers rush to when they’re touring a home for sale. This room is considered the “heart of the home.”

While the idea of updating your kitchen can be scary (all those expensive new appliances!), improving this room doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many projects you can complete to upgrade your kitchen that cost less than $1,000.

These inexpensive kitchen improvements include:

  • Add a tile backsplash

This is a relatively affordable project, and if you’re handy enough, you can do it yourself. For a really easy option, purchase backsplash made from a single sheet of material.

  • Refresh your cabinetry

MC - Expanded - Sellers — DIY Upgrades That Make Your Home Sell for Mor

It’s as simple as switching out old handles and pulls, painting old cabinets, or replacing cabinet doors with glass-paneled ones. Quick fixes like this can breathe new life into an older kitchen.

  • Update handles and pulls 

Changing your kitchen hardware is cheap and budget-friendly, but they can certainly add value depending on your kitchen’s style. 

  • Install a water filtration system

While it may not add a whole lot of money to the selling price, this is one small detail that may win over potential buyers. They won’t need to spend extra grocery money on bottled water if they have a built-in water filtration system.

  • Install new outlet and light switch plates

DIY Upgrades That Make Your Jensen Beach Home Sell for More - Light Switch Plate

Another simple thing that you can do that update your kitchen’s look is to install new outlets and light switch plates. Not only will these small changes give your kitchen a more modern feel, but it will also make your kitchen feel safer and secure. 

  • Create an accent wall

If you think your kitchen is plain, add some life by creating an accent wall. By using a bold or different color, you make your kitchen look modern and more attractive. To choose the right accent wall, carefully consider the kitchen wall color. 

  • Opt for a butcher block

When you want to install a granite counter, but you’re not sure if your budget can make it, stick to butcher block. It is one of the best affordable options to install in the kitchen, and it’s functional too. 

  • Install under-cabinet lighting

MC - Expanded - Sellers — DIY Upgrades That Make Your Home Sell for Mor

Add light and character to your kitchen by installing under cabinet lighting. It also brightens the counter area, so you don’t need to turn on other lights. It is also easy to install and can add appeal and value to your home. 

  • Get a new kitchen sink

If you have not replaced your kitchen in over a decade, give your kitchen some love and update the sink. A new sink can make a kitchen look modern and well-maintained. 

The Bathroom 

DIY Upgrades That Make Your Jensen Beach Home Sell for More - Bathroom Cabinets

The second most popular room in the house is the bathroom. If a spa-like renovation isn’t in the budget, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to update your bathroom without spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

  • Update fixtures

Swapping out old sink faucets, towel racks, and drawer pullers can make a huge difference in the bathroom’s overall appearance.

  • Re-do caulk and grout

Old grout can be quite unsightly, but it’s easy to fix! Simply scrub the grout clean and add fresh lines of caulk around the tub and sink. It might take a little elbow grease, but it’s inexpensive and can make your bathroom look cleaner and newer.

  • Save on countertop upgrades

Have your heart set on granite countertops? You can save money by buying a slab containing imperfections. Since the sink takes up most of the surface area, you may not even notice the imperfections!

  • Update your bathroom tiles

DIY Upgrades That Make Your Jensen Beach Home Sell for More - Bathroom

When was the last time you changed your bathroom tiles? Installing new tiles is an affordable home improvement that will give your bathroom a modern look. Stick to classic colors that will appeal to everyone, instead of using colors you like.

  • Install a new mirror

Replacing your bathroom mirror can change the look and feel of your bathroom. If you haven’t replaced your bathroom mirror in years, now is the best time to do it. 

  • Buy a new showerhead

One of the easiest bathroom updates you can do is to upgrade the showerhead. If it has been years since your last update, you’ll find there are now more options than ever, and many of them are at a reasonably affordable price. 

  • Install a bathroom backsplash

Give your bathroom a new look by adding a few rows of tiles to the shower area. It adds elegance and sophistication, giving a more luxurious feel. 

  • Add storage spaces

DIY Upgrades That Make Your Jensen Beach Home Sell for More - Bathroom Mirror

Bathrooms need storage spaces for towels, robes, bathroom essentials, etc. The bigger the storage space is, the better. Because you cannot add square footage to your bathroom, get creative. Even awkward spaces can be used as a storage space. 

  • Update your ventilation system

Ensure the excellent air quality in the bathroom by updating your ventilation system. A properly working ventilation system will eliminate odor, humidity, and keep your bathroom clean and mold-free. 

The Living Room

DIY Upgrades That Make Your Jensen Beach Home Sell for More - Living Room

When you want to breathe new life into your living room, you can take matters into your hand and improve the look and feel of your living room without spending a lot. The following are some easy improvement projects you can do for your home for sale in Jensen Beach. 

  • Rearrange your furniture

This project won’t cost you anything.  Moving your furniture around can give your room a new look and fulfill your need for change without spending anything. 

When rearranging your furniture, keep in mind the visual weight. If you have a large item on one side of the wall, you need to move a cluster of small pieces to the other room to create a balance. Doing this will also help you identify which furniture can be removed to create more space so your home can look bigger and brighter. 

Does your living room window offer a view? Create a cozy sitting area around that window. This will direct the attention of buyers to the light, helping them imagine a relaxing space while enjoying a great view. 

  • Swap out pillows and throw blankets

DIY Upgrades That Make Your Jensen Beach Home Sell for More - Living Room Lighting

Placing pillows and throw blankets add color and texture to the room. They also create a cozy feeling, making the living room look more inviting. If you already have pillows and throw blankets, replace the dark covers with something light. It helps give the room a relaxed and laidback feel. 

  • Replace window treatments

The flow of light inside the house is affected by the kind of window treatment the house has. If you haven’t checked your window treatment in years, perhaps it is time to look at them now. Average window treatment has a life span of seven years, so if yours is older than that, and it’s already in need of repair, getting a window treatment is a must. 

Getting a window treatment helps not just in the aesthetic function. It also saves money and energy as well as protect our floors and furniture. 

If your window offers a great view, replace your window treatment with light-colored curtains that can be easily parted to showcase the view. 

  • Swap out lamp shades

Does your lamp shade match the updates you’ve done to the living room? If not, ditch that dingy lampshade and find one that’s affordable and a good fit for your current decor. 

  • Change the lighting 

If you’ve lived in your home for many years, you’ve probably gotten accustomed to the continually dimming light in the house. If you’re preparing your home for resale, changing the light fixtures is an excellent way of updating the home without creating a hole in your pocket. 

When considering the light fixtures you want to buy, opt for lighting that creates mood in the home. 

  • Mount floating shelves

Installing floating shelves are both beautiful and functional, making it the perfect display space without making the room feel cluttered. These shelves require less space because they are on the wall and not on the floor. Floating shelves are easy to install, and since they are held up by wall brackets, they are strong and durable. 

  • Change your rug

Rugs add color and design to your living room. It also ties the look of the room together. If you’re looking for a way to update your living room, changing your room can help you achieve that goal. 


DIY Upgrades That Make Your Jensen Beach Home Sell for More - Bedroom

Are you looking to update your bland and boring bedroom? Here are several low-cost upgrades you can do that buyers also love. 

  • Install window treatments

Adding a window treatment so you can hang some colorful draperies is a great update to the bedroom. This allows you to add some color and drama to the room temporarily. 

  • Mount floating shelves

Books, jewelry holders, pictures - all these can occupy space on the bedside table. Clear your bedside table by mounting several floating shelves on the wall. This way, you have a beautiful display on the wall without taking up a lot of space near the bed.

Other Simple Fixes that Add Value to Your Home

Large home improvement projects aren’t the only way to add value to your property! There are a host of other small upgrades that can freshen up the rest of your home and increase its value to home buyers.

  • Add some new paint

DIY Upgrades That Make Your Jensen Beach Home Sell for More - Paint the wall

Gather your friends and spend the weekend painting! Opt for high-quality paint with a satin finish. Don’t forget plenty of painter’s tape to protect molding, fixtures, or light switches, as well as sheets to cover flooring.

Opt for neutral colors like slate gray and ivory, or popular colors like aqua and cool green. However, when it comes to selling a home, neutral colors are best.

  • Replace old light fixtures

Dull, dim, or tarnished fixtures can make a room seem older and darker. Fortunately, upgrading lighting can be fairly simple. This could be anything from updating overhead lighting to replacing fluorescent bulbs. Bonus points for energy-efficient features like LED bulbs! Opt for less expensive lighting if you need to hire an electrician.

Another easy lighting upgrade is replacing traditional light switches with dimmers.

  • Add storage space in the laundry and garage 

One of the must-have items in many buyer’s lists is storage space either in the laundry room or garage. This is because if the storage space in the bedroom is minimal, a lot of clothes and other belongings get stored in either the laundry room or garage area. Having extra cabinets keep things neat and organized. 

  • Refinish hardwood floors

If your home has hardwood floors and they are looking old and tired, refinishing them will take them back to their glory days. Hardwood floor is expensive, a highly-desirable feature for many buyers, and they also add value to your home. Refinishing hardwood floors is an easy project that will cost you between $300-$500 for around 275 square feet. 

Need more recommendations for upping your Jensen Beach FL home value?

We’ve got your back. We’d love to give you a list of home improvement projects that will get you the most bang for your buck. All you have to do is ask. 

Call me, Melissa Conrad, at 772-240-2589 and let’s discuss DIY upgrades you can make to increase your home value. 

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